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Poway Flood Services

Although Poway is not known for its torrential rains and hurricanes, residents do need our Poway Flood Services. This is because you can have a flood when you have a burst pipe, a leak, backed-up plumbing, or a cracked heater. Here at Rancho Bernardo Flood Restoration we see many cases where our Poway flood services are needed, and in many cases, our 24 hour emergency service team is called to immediate action.

On television, you often see floods where the water level is waist high. However, even if the water level is one inch high, it will still cause damage to your carpets, floors, walls and structural components of your home. If you have a flood, the best thing to do is to get professional help right away. The longer you wait, the more damage you will have. Water causes wood to expand, it causes drywall to disintegrate, and it can destroy the quality of your fabrics (carpets, rugs, sofas, drapes, and upholstery). Aside from the obvious water damage, you may also get mold contamination, bacterial contamination, and offensive odor. This is especially true if you are dealing with sewage.

Our Poway flood services can help you restore your home to pre-flood conditions. The process includes;

  • Freestanding water is removed with pumps and flood management tools.
  • Residual moisture and water is extracted from carpets and furniture using specialized equipment.
  • Rugs, carpets and padding may be removed so they can dry completely.
  • High powered and effective dehumidifiers are brought in to dry the areas which are still damp.
  • Hidden pockets of water are found and eliminated.
  • The area is inspected for mold and bacteria.
  • Bad odor is removed by various techniques such as Ozone Treatment, Thermal Fogging, Encapsulation, and H.E.P.A Air Filtration.

For more information regarding our Poway Flood services, please call us at (619) 535-8230 or contact us online. We will be happy to advise you on your flood situation. We also have 24 hour emergency services.

Poway Flood Services

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