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Water Damage Restoration Scripps Ranch

If your home is flooded then you should be aware that most home insurance policies have a “Mitigation Clause” which specifies that a homeowner must act without delay and in good faith to stop, control, and minimize a loss. During a flood situation, the first thing you should do is to call a professional water damage management establishment like Rancho Bernardo Flood Restoration. Our water damage restoration Scripps Ranch services can help you minimize damages by removing the water, drying the affected area, and inspecting & removing mold.  Water damage is categorized into 3 types:

Category 1:

Category 1 damages are caused by clean water.  An example of this is when your sink overflows and the excess water causes a flood. Most water damage claims are due to broken pipes that deliver fresh-water. When you have a category 1 flood, call us so that we can fix the problem promptly. The longer the water is left standing, the more it will penetrate into your floors and walls making it difficult to dry thoroughly.

Category 2:

Category 2 damages are caused by unclean water that is not sewage.  An example of category 2 damage is if your roof had a leak and rain water seeped in and caused damage.  Damage caused by dirty water from your dishwasher or laundry machine is also under category 2. The unclean (non-potable) water may containing germs and should be removed as soon as possible.  Our Water Damage Restoration technicians are IICRC Certified and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your home is properly cleaned.

Category 3:

Category 3 damages are due to backed-up toilets, blocked sewage lines, and similar unsavory situations. Category 3 damages are the worst type and need to be dealt with by professionals who can administer the appropriate actions to control and minimize damages.  If your home is flooded and have category 1, 2, or 3 damages, contact us online or call us at (619) 535-8230. We offer 24/7 water damage restoration Scripps Ranch services.

Water Damage Restoration Scripps Ranch

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